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Rather than trying to start this with a witty end-of-year quote, i’m going to start in the same way that a million other websites will; Wow. Is that really the end of 2015, already?

2015 was not only my most prolific year as a creative human, but it was my favourite yet for many, many reasons. I create things every day. Whether that’s incredibly stupid things like adding words to my own made-up language book or more serious stuff like designing invoices for Heartfuse – either way, i’m always creating something tangibly or in my mind – if you’re reading this then you know this information already. However, actually getting to release my creations and have other humans connect with them and react to them is an entirely different beast that i adore feeding. It has simply been amazing to release 233 original songs in 2015 to you all. I’ve always said ‘writing songs is easy, recording is the hard part‘ and i still stand by that. Call it a gift or call it a honed craft – whatever – but writing is just something i can do to a good level 24 hours everyday. I feel 50% blessed and 50% relieved that all the hours i put in learning the craft hasn’t been for nothing. Actually getting these creations structured and onto tape is the difficult part of the equation. It’s the reason so many of your favourite bands only have a handful of albums despite having professed to have written many thousands of songs. For me, when i finish a recording session, i feel utterly drained and pretty emotional. It’s harder than you might think if you’re not a musician. It’s not just physically exhausting, but mentally exhausting – and i always feel that there’s a limit to the gas in the brain tank of all of us. Some of the songs i’ve already released remind me of nothing more than jumping straight into bed with a major headache and broken voice after finishing recording them – that’s why i ensured i kept notes whilst working on each song so i had something to write about later! It’s like tattoo-pain though; i always want to inkgest a little bit more of that poison.

365 Sparks was my creative reaction to nearly dying. I’m not drama-queening that at all. The more time i’ve had to look into what nearly killed me has only made me more terrified of it ever happening again. 365 Sparks truly feels like my first ever ‘solo’ work if i’m being honest. I don’t really like any of those previous ‘solo’ albums simply because i didn’t possess the skills necessary to produce myself … but did so anyways simply because i didn’t want to sit around and waste time. I appreciate the younger me was still trying to work despite various conditions making it less than easy; but i’m glad older me is able to recognise a very obvious jump in quality – from every conceivable musical angle. Those early ‘solo’ albums were necessary to get to the level i personally believe i’m at now. I still love a lot of the songs from those early albums  and i actually plan to re-record some of them in the future in order to help them realise their full potential. I have forever toyed with the idea of removing them from existence; but ultimately they are part of my musical story and shouldn’t be forgotten completely, actually now that i think of it – some of your favourite songs of mine are contained within those albums! We all have to come from somewhere.

One thing i want to mention is that unbeknownst to y’all,  i’ve musically divided my life into two different avenues this year – one for the softer side of my music and one for the rock stuff. It doesn’t sit well with me to use my own name for music [but i had no choice with 365] because i want my name to merely refer to me; the creator of things as opposed to my ‘band name’. I have registered two separate band names for these outlets and from 2016 onwards – these will be my only two musical outlets, so i’ll never perform under ‘Daveit Ferris’ again. I love this separation because i’m going to redesign my website to be a link to all my creative things as opposed to a hub of creative things – it means i can give specific focus to each as opposed to housing them all under one roof. I love both these separate band names and it shouldn’t be very long before i thrust them upon you. My DF facebook page will soon stop being about the musician formerly known as DF and soon be about just, well, me! So i can speak to you guys in a whole new vein and i’m excited about that. If you’re only interested in my rock stuff you can then choose to go to x – if you’re only interested in my softer stuff you can then choose to go to y – you know? That divisive wall is going to be ace. Anyways .. i’m rambling …

365 Sparks is by far, my best work to date. I truly believe that with all my heart. I know a lot of you follow me because of Mascara Story and/or Rescue the Astronauts – two previous bands i was the songwriter / singer/ guitarist for – but i believe this work trumps both of those bands by far and that makes me incredibly happy. I’m genuinely not playing the standard artist ‘my newest work is my best work‘ because i knew my earlier solo albums held nothing toward the aforementioned bands. Thankfully, pretty much everyone who i’ve spoken to about my new work has said it’s the best of my career and i couldn’t be happier with those kinds of comments. Thank to you all of you that have gone out of your way to inspire me in this way. I have never worked harder to be better in my life and i’m so glad it shows to other people.

Trust me when i say that no-one is more disappointed than me to have not released 365 songs in a calendar year, but i’ve decided not to beat myself up over only releasing 233 originals in a year. The first 6 months of the project were pretty much a cakewalk in terms of releases – the second half of my year has been much more difficult and time has been stripped from each and every day that used to be set aside solely for this project – it’s the nature of relying on being able to do something every day for a year – an almost impossible task. I have tried as hard as i possibly could though, believe me. I may go into more detail in 2016, but let’s just say that certain things have derailed me completely and made life very difficult. I am not done with this project though – as stated in early 2015 – the project was a success to me the minute i recorded my 365th song in 2014 – that is WHY i called the project 365 Sparks. I just haven’t been able to release them all in the next year. As far as i’m concerned, i’ve totally met my project goal by writing and recording 365 songs in 2014 and for that i feel awesome and very happy.

In 2016, i’ll be releasing the remaining 132 songs. I’m not willing to commit to a rigid schedule because i’ll likely only break it with the amount of things i have going this year – but rest assured – we’ll be finishing up this project in 2016 and most likely way before the tail end of the year. I’m not being a big mouth by saying that a lot of the best is yet to come. Here’s 5 that i’m super excited about sharing;

  • Coffee to Go [Vid]
    I wrote this song after watching a local singer/songwriter in a bar and finding myself bored with him playing G D and C every song in a different order. I wrote it drunk and wanted it to sound flashy. I detuned the guitar into a neat tuning and this just came from the ether and blindsided me. It’s one of my favourites for sure.
  • Please God
    I think it’s the only song i directly wrote about the near-death situation that brought 365 Sparks into existence. For that alone, it’s an important song to me – but surplus to that, it actually sounds awesome as a song. A bit of a John Mayer-influenced lick that ties everything together and very strong vocal melodies.
  • Rescue me
    I’ll always be a rocker at heart. I love riffs and rock songs. This has an awesome riff and is an awesome rock song. I loved writing it and loved how it ended up. The lyrics aren’t bad either.
  • Ambulance
    One of the most personal songs i’ve written about the death of my grandmother. I wrote it many, many years ago and it was originally designed to be a ‘Rescue the Astronauts’ song. I’ve never fallen out of love with it and always knew it had major potential to be great. I’m so glad i recorded it for 365 Sparks.
  • Battlefield Ghost
    Just in the way you love the songs you do, i love the songs i do. This one just happens to be one of my own. From the moment i wrote this song, it signified a change in my writing style forever. It came out of nowhere and was a major step in the right direction for me. I love the lyrics i wrote for this one.

… that still leaves 127 elements of surprise for you guys! It’s going to be another great year of music – that i assure you.

Call me a sadist or a creativity-addict but i have decided to do a different kind of 365 this year – 365 Poems. However, i won’t be filling up your social channels with a daily dose of words – instead, i’ll be releasing a poetry book on a schedule. You can then elect to check it out or not. I may post the occasional poem from time to time, but other than that there will be no major fanfare, daily postings or website. This will result in 7 new poetry books that’ll result in my having released 15 poetry books by the end of 2016. I adore poetry and always have, but i don’t write poetry in the traditional sense and never intend to. My poems are like more detailed song lyrics and i like that. I don’t feel connected to poetry that’s like ‘i wander down, like a light, on fire, she looks, i stumble, dulled senses, should i punch the air or fade? oh, i’m not here, she is, i’m lost, dead’ …. i enjoy writing stuff like ‘Vultures prey on catholic animal’s that pray / washed up sunlight vs. ancient stained glass windows / I own the source code to my own unwritten future / a licensee drunkenly marries a former divorcee‘. It’s just what i like. I totally appreciate a hefty percentage of you don’t like poetry at all – but some of you might be interested and not know it … so check it out in 2016!

The Seven books and their release dates are;

  1. Yellow Taxi Blues [Feb 19]
  2. Little Bones Made of Candyfloss [Apr 9]
  3. Cut off the Blood Flow [May 29]
  4. Static Living is Not for the Faint of Heart [Jul 18]
  5. The Source Code of the Way Things Used to Be [Sep 6]
  6. Please Don’t [Oct 6]
  7. Write and Wrong [Dec 15]

I’m also taking up the 2016 targets of;

  • Learning a new language.
  • Getting Fitness into check and Learning more fighting disciplines.
  • Starting a Company.
  • Reading one book every week [i might blog about each]
  • Listening to an album every single day [i might blog..]
  • Spending weekends on my novel and separate film script.
  • and much more [y’all know me].

In all honesty, i’m so excited for 2016 after doing so much in 2015. I can’t wait for it to start. I have set so many goals this year and i’ve used 2015 as a template of what to cut out of my life and how to work harder and more importantly, smarter. I turned many personal corners in 2015 and i intend to turn more in 2016 on that ever-searching goal to become the best person i can be and want to be.

I hope each and every one of you have had a great year and will have a great new year – and i mean it. Go and write a list of 100 things you wish to either start doing or currently do and wish to improve – it’s what i do every year and you should do it, too.

Extra special shoutout to all the subscribers of the project – the people who liked the music so much they actually used some coins to show their support in a digital age of everyone thinking that music is free and means nothing – thank you all so much for not only supporting me, but supporting an industry that every human alive relies upon for enjoyment, but less and less people feel they need to pay for. You are all special.

See you in 2016 for more songs and stories.


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