A Major Thanks to all above

The companies showcased above helped me bring 365 Sparks to life and will help me bring the music live. They believed in and ‘got’ what i was trying to do from the moment i let them know and i’m incredibly grateful for all the help, resource, product and assistance they have provided me on this journey. I don’t wish this to read like a typed oscar speech but some of these companies literally made the whole thing possible and were onboard from the getgo. It goes without saying that i think they’re all great companies producing great stuff and are great people – check them out.

Get Involved

Although the year of recording is probably over by the time you’re reading this, i’m still in daily throes of supporting the project and delivering the songs as best i can. I’m also working on the next chapter of the 365 Sparks project; getting a lot of the music ready to play live with a band. If you or your company feel you could help or you’d like to entertain the thought of working on something together, i’d absolutely love to hear from you. I don’t really ever plan to stop recording music, so i’ll always be interested in hooking up with brands and companies to improve my craft.