This song was born inside my head, without having ever touched an instrument. Obviously it was rough around the edges to begin with, but i wanted to try and compose from all the musical knowledge i had built up over the years – and that’s pretty much what i did with this song. I don’t think i’ve ever written a song from start to finish as JUST MELODIES before [or since]. Once i had my melodies, i figured out the chords to make them work and with a few more tweaks, i had a song that i was really happy with. I had a lot of fun writing this one because of this method and also because i think it came out very true to what i heard in my head – trust me, that head-to-sound translation isn’t always fluent. This kind-of jam reminds me of something i’d have written for ‘Rescue the Astronauts’ – powerful, lyrically positive and energetic – sometimes i really do write the kind of music i like to hear. Lyrically, it’s about putting negativity in the rearview mirror and look at the positives in every situation.


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