I recorded the piano in this song from start to finish circa 2009, in fact, i even released it on soundcloud as a piano-only demo around that time also. I stumbled upon it one day when searching for something else and put it on the list to come back to at some stage. When i did get around to writing melodies around it – it just seemed to happen naturally and quickly, the same cannot be said about the lyrical side of things. I was stumped on the i was writing these words down and didn’t know what i wanted to write about. The thing with sorting a melodic vocal structure prior to introducing words to the party, is that i can just jam and sing whatever comes to my head using the correct melodies, trying to fit words and phrases into the mix. When i was jamming this chorus, eventually i sung ‘those 15 minutes are over now’ out of the blue and went down that rabbit hole for this particular track. My subconscious bailing me out once again!

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