Another song that started it’s life as a poem. I’m always scribbling words down about 100 times a day – the smallest exchange, overheard conversation or TV commentary can inspire something in me and compel me to write. This was an occasion when a certain topic i try to avoid took center stage for a moment and i felt compelled to write about it. That topic is mental illness [and all it’s modern day subdivisions]. It’s just something that fascinates me and something i tend to read a lot about and watch a lot of videos about. On this day, i just made me very melancholic and these words flowed out before i even realised what i was writing about. I called it ‘Hurt and Laugher’ because of the juxtaposition of certain things like Bipolar disorder. Musically, i didn’t want to be extravagant with this one – i had already learned at the time of recording this that these kinds of songs suited being stripped bare to the bone – just like the lyrics.

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