I saw an old friend from high-school in town one day last year, we haven’t spoken or re-connected since those years and we didn’t on this occasion either. I walked home thinking about the faces and names from that part of my life and what they’re doing now. Of course, i’m still connected to a lot of them via social networks and even in person, but there’s a lot of links that have broken in the years since 2002. Feeling soppy and nostalgic, these words just flew out in one fell swoop. ‘A crowd of young skeletons’ was the first line i wrote and i instantly knew that had to be the title. The dangerous thing about writing ballad/nostalgic/love songs is that it’s so easy to replicate what’s been said before a million times – that’s why i didn’t want to title this song ‘Best Years’ or ‘Graduation Day’. I only had one issue with this song; one lyric. I removed it in the end because it was so specific to me, whereas the rest of the song could be your soundtrack to high school, too.

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