This was a pretty little acoustic ballad up until the moment the ‘ohohohoh’ melody popped into my head for the chorus. I did try other softer ideas in order to fit with the acoustic/piano nature of how things were progressing; but i really liked the chorus a lot. In the end i just decided to switch the singer/songwriter in me for the rocker – but i like both versions. Surprisingly, i don’t have many rock songs that have quieter verses, so i decided to add some clean guitar to this one to break it away a little from all the other rock songs. I’m really picky about clean sounds, and on this particular day i couldn’t get the exact sound i wanted so i accentuated the clean guitar with a stuttered effect that you hear on both verses – just to give it more texture and interest. Lyrically, it was inspired by a very long [digital] conversation with someone that had a lot to say on this particular evening … i had to take influence from everywhere!

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