Boo! Did i scare you? Halloween is here yet again and although i think it’s one of the coolest days of the year; i tend never to do much on it – i just never got into the whole dressing up thing for some reason. However, when compiling ideas last year for song subject matter, i knew i wanted to write a comical happy halloween. It was actually much longer than this version originally, and featured way more horror icons – but it got a bit tiresome even for me, so i stripped it back. You can’t have a halloween ballad, so i knew up front this song had to have pace and power to it, otherwise it wouldn’t have worked out – so that’s why i gave it a dose of rock. Lyrically, i had a blast writing parody lines for a change and although it’s a world i only venture into occasionally … it’s fun! Anyways .. i hope you all have an amazing Halloween night and that your hangovers don’t curse you the next day … 😉


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