Although i haven’t published any yet, i tend to write a lot of short stories. I like them because they’re not only different from songs, but different enough from poetry for me to feel immersed in a new world. This song is an audio storytelling of a short story i wrote a long time ago. Although i feared i would be absolutely limited in scope by virtue of having to concertina the idea into a song format; i managed to achieve my goal using only two verses and two choruses – awesome. Musically, i sat down on my sofa, guitar in hand and tried to figure out what the hell to do with this one and i just began strumming this rhythm on the first chord over and over until i added another chord and another. It’s not overly ‘weird’ as a chord pattern, but the second chord kills most pleasant sounding melody ideas, so i kept it if only to challenge myself to rise above that hurdle. I really like the melodies that i wrote for these verses.

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