This song wasn’t ‘written’ but more ‘assembled’ from three ideas i’ve had for quite a long time. The short [but nice] intro guitar part has been with me since my first solo album, the verse from probably the third or fourth album [it was in one of those songs at some stage] and the chorus was an idea for another song in #365sparks. So, essentially i just decided on using parts instead of starting from scratch like i mostly did – just so i could put them to bed. They’ve all had to be changed slightly in order to fit together, but i think they sound very natural as a threesome so it worked out quite well. The title itself has nothing to do with the lyrics in the song and i did that simply because i was bored of having the title always be the crucial line of my songs – so i just pulled two words out of the article i was reading earlier and ran with it. Lyrically, it’s about a lot of things, but mostly about mutual fragility.

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