There’s something incredibly cathartic about sitting down and channelling negative energy into something positive – such as songwriting. It turns a dark situation into a bright one with a tangible outcome.  I have long since giving up moping around when something or someone has annoyed me – these days i grab the guitar and see what spills out. On this day i needed to vent, clearly. This is probably the PG version too! Oh, to be young and vitriolic. Musically its simple, but i really like the space contained within the verses due to the hanging chord – surprisingly i don’t leave chords and notes hanging often – so it’s nice to give the music a background role here. I remember being really stuck on the bridge of this one for quite a while for no apparent reason – i just hit a wall for about 20 minutes and had no ideas [not even bad ones] – until i sat outside with my dogs for 10 minutes, came back in and this bridge just happened. Beautiful.

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