This song is a constant reminder that i must sing-out at full volume and voice during the writing stage. Why? Well, this was originally capoed on the 4th fret and had a lot more energy about it. I had written it and recorded the guitar part before quickly realising it was way too high for my voice that day [i had sung a screamy metal song the previous day and went a little too hard ..]. Also, singing that high over such a stripped down and bare guitar part just didn’t make sense. I started from scratch pretty much and decided to give it a real kicked back feel and remove that capo completely. The result is a lot less in-your-face as was originally intended, but i actually prefer it to my first version for a lot of reasons. Lyrically, it’ll likely make no coherent and structured sense to you, but it means something to me. Sometimes it’s good to be the only one in on the secret.

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