Fear not. This song is not about myself or my life. As much as it would add an edge to my story, i was never a teenage runaway. It’s a story song that i based on things i’ve read and things i’ve seen. I used to be young once [sad face] and i’ve known more than a handful of friends from back in our younger days that ran away from home for days [always to return, thankfully]. I posted a picture to my facebook for a throwback thursday of me and some friends from back in the day and that alone inspired this thought and direction. I remember lying on my back on my sofa and just strumming this with my finger, gently, whilst writing it – so when it came time to record it, a plectrum sounded way too sharp and i stuck with using my fingers. I recorded this one live simply because i couldn’t really get the dynamics to sound right when singing to the guitar as an overdub.

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