A 15-minute experiment song where each of the 30 verses has a completely different melody? Yes, really. A song of this length is probably the last thing you’d expect from someone who is doing a song-a-day project, but it kind-of just happened by accident. It might show how obsessed i can be with music when i tell you that i sometimes play a game with myself where i try and come up with as many different vocal melodies as i can over a static few chords – this little game exercises my melody writing and forces me into new places. I wondered one day; ‘Wouldn’t it be cool to record one of these jams as a song?’. It wasn’t my intention to have it be 15 minutes long – that was defined by the amount of melody ideas i was able to come up with as i was riffing. I’ve really enjoyed listening back to this one today – there’s a lot of space and yet a lot of vocals to process. I salute you if you make it through the entire 15-minutes – i know it won’t be for everyone, but i hope you’l give it a chance all the same. A really fun experiment.


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