Religion – the ultimate divisive force in the universe. I just don’t know where to start. I was raised as a catholic boy, but i quickly lost all my faith when my brain began to think for itself and i don’t feel bad about that. I went from a 5-a-week visitor to church, to having not seen the inside of a church in almost 15 years. I’m not here to give religious advice to anyone, i know how personal this is, but i’ve always struggled with believing. Always. I’ve always WANTED to believe, but i do too much thinking and research to do so. I always held on to the thought that one day i’d see a ‘vital sign’ that’d make me believe; but that day is yet to come. I know many christians and sometimes i do want to strangle them with their ‘everything good; god does. Everything bad; devil does’. As an adult, that’s just not acceptable to me and i feel embarrassed for those that are so small minded to believe something like this. I am trying hard not to come across judgemental here, but my beliefs are pretty much dead and i actually wish it weren’t so. I won’t believe in thin air, or because a book tells me to; but i am willing to believe. This song is one that completely changed from my original idea to how it wound up [for the better]. It was a wine-filled evening and i tend to become open about sensitive stuff like religion after a few glasses. I’m glad i wrote this. One of my favourites without a doubt.



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