I think it’s a very well known fact at this stage; i absolutely adore animals and none of them are too small to matter. I subscribe to every animal liberation, anti-cruelty and activism page that i can find on facebook, so my news feed can be a very horrific experience every time i refresh. However, i do like to see what is happening and find out if i can help in any way. I don’t allow ignorance to be bliss. I also like to have my blood boiled every time i refresh so that my passion for the cause remains intense. This song came about after i re-activated my facebook after a few weeks away to work distraction-free on this very project. I just got really overwhelmed really quickly after not seeing these sights and videos for a few weeks. I knew i wanted to vent this anger into music and so i knew the music was going to be of a harder edge than my usual rock variety. When deciding on a title, i decided to pay homage to the ‘animal liberation’ tattoo i got years ago.


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