Wow, two weeks into the project already? Damn. Let’s try a different style of song altogether then. This one was born from a simple 12 bar blues jam one dull and gloomy afternoon. Usually when i’m humming and creating vocal melodies, my lyrics will be either primitive mouth sounds or absolute gobbledy-gook – but in this instance, my first instinct was the first line of the song ‘he drowned in a pool of coloured paint‘ – that line alone gave me something to work off of and i went on my merry way to constructing this posthumous ode to a fictional person. I actually tracked the acoustic guitar first and then tried to add vocals on top but they both sounded foreign to each other. No click track in the world could have kept that kind-of fluency needed. With this in mind, i saw no other option that to record the song live and then add in some minor overdubs in post. It’s raw and it’s certainly not perfect at all; but i think this is the type of song that suits being a little jagged, you know?


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