#010 ➤ A

I don’t know if you remember, but i mentioned last year about writing a series of songs that were ONE CHORD from start to finish. Well, this is the first of that experimental series! I wrote seven of these songs – A/B/C/D/E/F & G – all referring to the key that the song is in. I had an awesome time writing and recording this series. I’ve never thought to try and restrict myself so much ever before and whilst you might think the song sounds simple in the end – it was actually pretty difficult to construct. Usually in songs, our attention is held by constantly fluctuating parts, especially to define section from section. When it’s only acceptable to use one chord, the only possibilities are to use rhythm and dynamics to differentiate sections and to play variants of the key. Then, when that’s all done, the vocal melodies have to shift enough across sections to signify that they are a new section, but not too much that it sounds like parts from 5 different songs sellotaped together. Phew.

LENGTH  04:07
SONGWRITER(s)  Daveit Ferris
PRODUCER(s)  Daveit Ferris
RECORDED  Heartfuse Audio
PUBLISHER  Heartfuse Records


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