#007 ➤ GOOGLE ME

A song about preconceived ideas in the 21st Century. These days almost all of us audition people and things online before anything else. Like a big digital cattle market. We let these digital profiles that people build up either completely win us over or make us bolt for the door. This song is from the perspective of someone who has had more than his fair share of people already completely make their mind up about him before ever even being in the same room as him – ME. My biggest turn-off in humans is the reluctance to give people a chance to defend their corner. Musically, it’s quite basic, but i do like the slightly different chording in the chorus to really signify that section. I also love the drum sound. In the middle section i was going for ‘two door cinema club sings mumford and sons‘ – i think it worked a wee bit.

LENGTH  04:24
SONGWRITER(s)  Daveit Ferris
PRODUCER(s)  Daveit Ferris
RECORDED  Heartfuse Audio
PUBLISHER  Heartfuse Records


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