PASTIEBAP.COM have been kind enough to write a little something about myself and this project on their website.

Davit Ferris is a very ambitious man.

At 29 years old, Ferris has accomplished much in his musical career – formerly the singer, guitarist and songwriter for Kerrang! unsigned band competition winner Mascara Story, he has played Download Festival, founded the music website Chordblossom (he has since left, to pursue other projects such as the one you are reading about right now) and even found the time to record five solo albums. However, it will be Ferris’ latest project which is taking up his time in 2015.

365 Sparks is the Derry man’s latest project in which he plans to record one song every day for a full year. With 365 songs to compose, perform and record (using his own recording studio Heartfuse Audio) in as many days, it goes without saying that Ferris is pushing his creativity and love of music to the limit.

Released every day at 5pm, you can stream the daily song and all of the previous tracks at 365 Sparks, or you can choose from one of the subscription packages which are available.  This project is 100% DIY, with the artwork, graphics, website, videos and everything else created by Ferris himself. Inspired by a near-death experience, this is an ambitious project designed to showcase and stretch Ferris’ musical prowess and passion.

With melancholy tunes such as The Boy With The Saddest Eyes and Little Pieces, more rock inspired tracks like This is Your Captain Speaking and Animal Liberation, the electronic Death and Taxes, blues style Freight Train and countless other examples of emo-pop Fall Out Boy, Greenday, Owl City caliber tracks, it’s clear that Davit Ferris loves what he’s doing and does it exceptionally well.

With projects like this, you would expect a lot of familiarity between each song in terms of the overall sound and perhaps, even a lack of enthusiasm after a while, yet each song is as rich and varied as the last. The quality is amazing, the subjects diverse, and the entire project is addictively polished.

Read it on their website here.



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