Full Band Song

Choose this option if you want a fully fleshed out song that’ll feature drums, bass, guitars as a base – and with the possible addition of piano / synth and other layered sounds. You’ll be able to give me an idea of the style you’d like me to aim for in the form below.

Acoustic Song

Choose this option if you would prefer something a lot more intimate and stripped down. This will most likely be either on an acoustic guitar or on a piano. Once again, you’ll be able to give me an idea of the style you’d like me to aim for in the form below.

Cover Song

Choose this option if you’d like to hear me cover one of your favourite songs recorded by another artist. I can’t guarantee that i’ll accept the song recommendation but i will give every request received a serious thought and let you know if i’m willing [and able] to accept your request.

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Although a full contact will be issued prior to purchase confirmation, please use the below information before deciding whether or not to make an order. Thanks.

➤ Although i will never share your song(s) without express written permission from you, the sound recording and the material will remain as my published works. This means that you’ll not be able to sell or license the song(s) as your own. For situations where the lyrics have been written and supplied in part or in full by you, there is a more detailed breakdown available upon request.

 All custom song(s) will be completely made to order. No ‘backing tracks‘ will be used in their composition and every order will be completely one of a kind, guaranteed.

 There are obviously no refunds after i complete the work – you’ll have to count on me making your song awesome!