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With the release of song #122 just a few hours ago, i’ve successfully delivered 1/3 of the 365 Sparks project! Plus, i’m overdue a little update on here, so it’s kind-of an excuse to talk.

It goes without saying, but i will amplify it anyways… i sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed the first 1/3 of my project. I’ve been working extremely hard to deliver it to you guys. As mentioned in a recent interview; i did consider this project to initially be a 1.5 year thing [one year recording, 6 months delivering] but that was optimistic of me. It takes more time to deliver the song in the format i want than i expected, so it’s likely this project will wind up being a full 2 year commitment – and i’m fine with that. I truly believe in what i’m doing and as someone whose goal is to be a ‘professional songwriter’ – i don’t think there could be a better real-world test to set for myself. So all in all, i’m pretty happy with how things have been going and i hope you’ve been enjoying it too!

Apologies that were a few songs behind schedule, but you’ve probably noticed i’ve been posting two songs a day recently in an effort to catch back up. I should be back on top of things by the end of this week if all goes to plan. Fear not though; no matter if there’s a few delays here and there; you guys will have 365 songs by years end!

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