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Welcome to the 365 Sparks Subscriber Hub! This place exists to try and ensure your experience with the project is smooth and perpetually interesting. The hub will continue to grow and improve throughout the year. The Hub Pinboard below is in place to provide the most important and helpful information at a glance.

Hello Subscribers!
I hope this finds you well and in the christmas spirit – i trust it might.

I just wanted to take a moment to communicate with a great bunch of subscribers who’ve actually supported this project with your hard earned cash – i felt like you deserved an update on how everything is shaping up and how it will going forward.

First of all, i apologise that i haven’t been able to complete the project in the timeframe i set out to. There’s a smorgasbord of reasons why this is the case: from work, life, finances, having to put focus in other things .. i won’t bore you. Suffice to say, i’ve been struggling for adequate time in the second half of the year. However, as i’ve always maintained, this project isn’t complete until i deliver 365 to you good people and whilst they won’t have all landed by new years eve as we’d all hoped; we will finish up this project in the first quarter of 2016. In short; this project isn’t dead – in fact, i’ve just pushed everything else aside for the rest of 2015 to start making headway.

Second, to the right you’ll notice a song roadmap for the rest of the project. I know some of you will be interested to see the plan for the rest of the project and some of you will be covering your eyes in order to be surprised each song; the choice is yours. I just thought it might help give a sense of completion for you guys to see where this is all heading. I sometimes change songtitles at the very last minute, so don’t kill me if i edit your new favourite song title!

Third, in order to endure the endless mixing and audio work this year, i have been writing a lot of new songs. Not only as a way of saying ‘thanks’ for supporting my project, but also as a way of saying ‘sorry’ i didn’t meet my planned deadline … i will be releasing a subscriber-only EP early next year for you guys. This EP will be nowhere else, ever. Not on spotify, soundcloud, for sale on my websites, nowhere. It’ll be like our own little secret. I hope that goes some way to show how much i appreciate your support with this crazy idea.

Have an awesome Christmas 🙂

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For your convenience i’ve created a subscriber-only playlist that’ll update through the year. This will help you navigate a lot quicker through all the songs, but most importantly; you’ll be able to directly download each song from below, unlike the public playlist which is stream-only.



As the year progresses, there are some cool things that’ll start being unveiled. I want to use this section to keep you up to date with plans and ideas; you’ll be the first to know about any confirmed plans here before anywhere else. Also, please feel free to use the contact form to send me any ideas you have to help make this project even better.


Starting mid-year at the earliest, i’ll be doing a daily 30-minute live stream to play some jamz, talk about the songs, upcoming songs, news, ideas, etc. It’ll be very informal and casual and fun. It’ll be done using Google Hangouts so it’ll be accessible to all. The first week of daily streams will be only accessible to subscribers.


Again, these will start mid-year at the absolute earliest. These will be different to the live streams because they’ll be a concert from start to finish. I haven’t settled on the format but it’ll likely feature fellow musicians too. The first concert will be strictly for subscribers – so you’ll see things a full month before the public.


Sometime in 2016 i will release the 365 Sparks Digital Box Set. It’ll be the complete collection of music along with lots of cool things that i’ll announce in the run up. For those of you that purchased a 12-month subscription it’ll be completely free & you’ll receive yours weeks before they are offered to the public.


This may or may not be of interest to you subscribers, but i have included it nonetheless. Its basically a very small sample of the kinds of audio that are strewn around the 14TB of storage i currently possess. I haven’t ‘selected’ any of these above any other; i merely just went on a random uploading spree!

These will all likely be rough, badly mixed and maybe even painful to hear – as they were never intended for any ears other than my own. I honestly have literally a few thousand of these kinds of ‘ideas’ just littered all over the place. I’ve set aside days to organise them many times and ended up with a major headache – i may try this again soon though.

These kind of ideas come about many times a day, like when i’m watching a movie and have a lead-line idea, i’ll pause, open up some kind of recorder and mumble into it – most times i’m making it up as i go so there’s hesitation in my voice, the lyrics are gobbledy-gook and tuning is the least of my concerns. My goal is to give myself something to remind me of the moment and i’ll continue it at a later stage.

I just want you all to bare this in mind before you listen. Also, if you guys happen to like these audios; let me know you do and i’ll upload a bunch more from time to time.