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I thought i’d write a little update now that i’ve passed the 50% mark of the project. It honestly feels great to know i’m past the halfway mark – it’s a great milestone and i’m actually shocked that over half the year has flown by so quickly! I live in my own little 365 bubble, so i count my days by the song!

Reception to my music has been amazing. I am fully aware i’m totally unknown as a musician. I have played maybe three shows as a ‘solo’ performer and the last was probably 5 years ago – i never expected to have thousands of people following the project daily. So, to those of you that do appreciate what i’m doing … i salute you!

I promised diversity before this all began and i’m immensely proud that my audience is quite diverse. I wholly appreciate that rockers may not like my ballads and easy listening folks may not appreciate my metal moments; but there’s a little something for everyone i feel and there’s still a lot of unique surprises coming up. Songs like ‘Magnetosphere’ and ‘Coffee to Go’ instantly spring to mind as songs in a totally new vein than what’s been released thus far. I hope you’ll stay connected!

So, i’ve been asked a question more than a few times in the last month:
‘When this is all over, are you releasing all these songs as an album?’

The answer is Yes! I’m planning to release a Digital Boxset. The core of this boxset will be the 365 Songs and all their extras [handwritten lyrics, stories, artwork, project window etc]. But i’ll also be including lots of other extras. It’ll be very reasonably priced and will be ideal for those of you that dug the project but didn’t purchase subscriptions etc.

Delivering these songs has been incredibly difficult and way more time consuming than i had ever planned for, this is the reason i’m a little behind on schedule at the moment. I’m doing absolutely all i can to make sure i meet my timeline but there are days that it’s just impossible to achieve given that delivering a song takes at least 7 hours for me to complete. I was fortunate enough to have pretty much all of 2014 to write and record all day long, but in 2015 i have life to do alongside musical opportunities that have arisen as a result of 365 Sparks. I just want to make sure i mention that i’m working as hard as i can to get these songs out to you all on a regular basis. I’m now a year and a half into this project and there are moments i simply have to leave the studio because my ears physically hurt from living in headphones non-stop – i have to take breaks and enjoy other things even if it affects my song delivery. Regardless of all this, you folks will get 365 Songs no matter what and i’m doing as much as i can to get back on top of the scheduling.

Thanks for all your support 🙂
Here’s to the next 50%!


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