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Home / Press / BANDSONTHERISE.CO.UK – ‘An Amazing Project’ have written some very kind words about 365 Sparks in an article they posted on their website today. Thanks a lot to John for the support!

There is an artist I’m in the process of adding a profile for by the name of Daveit Ferris, who is from Derry, Northern Ireland. Daveit has already experienced a level of success in the past with a band called “Mascara Story”, winning Kerrang’s unsigned band competition in 2005 and playing Download festival as a direct result. However the project he has undertaken for 2015, I have to say that I am quite literally at a loss for words, because he has given himself the massive task of writing, recording and producing a track every day during 2015, hence the title 365 sparks.

If you are as narrow minded as myself, your first reaction may well be to think that the quality of such an endeavour must be at the low end of the spectrum to put it kindly. But I’m pretty sure you will find yourself silenced in just as an abrupt manner as I have, because nothing could be further from the truth. What’s more, he has put the whole lot online for whoever wants to listen, to do so for free via Soundcloud, and also at his website where you can also offer your financial support by way of subscription. Even the subscriptions that are offered though are extremely generous, and I will be constantly using our website to promote what Daveit is doing, not because he has even asked, but simply that I am personally bowled over by this guy’s drive, enthusiasm, and musical talent.

Anyway, please check this guy out, and support him if you’re at all able. But to begin with I’ve embedded his Soundcloud player below so you can have a browse at what he’s done already:




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