The advertisement real estate on offer is huge. This is not a tiny box ad tucked away at the footer of my website never to be seen. These ad blocks are statically positioned to the left and right of the centered content and are responsive so that they retain their position no matter how scaled up or down the browser window is.


These regions are fully clickable as opposed to having clickable portions. When a user hovers over the ad, the cursor will change into a clickable cursor and then obviously a click would then link the user to your chosen URL(s).
 With so much clickable surface area; it’s very likely to provide a great click return.


These advertisements will be seen sitewide. This ensures your presence on every single page and post of the site. Your ad would no longer be confined to niche categories as they’ll be the website background for the duration of your campaign. You can’t get any more prominent than every page!


A very unique angle of this advertising opportunity is the ability to have each each side of your ad link to a different URL. So, for example, the left side could link to an official website and the right could link to current work/product/service etc. Great for targeting two different demographics in one ad campaign.


It is possible for you to showcase multiple different ads during your campaign. So, for example, if you were to book a week-slot, you could rotate seven completely different advertisements in that duration. This is ideal to showcase multiple facets of what you’d like to promote and to monitor click-through rates.


There are multiple link-analytic services out there. We prefer If you were to use this free service to mask your advertising url, it would then be possible for you to monitor how many clicks it had received in various time periods. This would allow you to try various ads and actively monitor which performs best.

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