The main component of the project is obviously music; and a lot of it! All of the songs are original and will have been composed, performed and recorded by myself in my own recording studio – Heartfuse Audio.


Subscriptions to the project are available in 1, 3, 6, 9 and 12 month brackets. This’ll give ultimate flexibility. The packages are all very well priced for the amount of songs that’ll be downloadable in that term.


In an effort to be more interactive throughout the year; from the mid-point of the year i’ll be starting a daily livestream. This is for me to interact, talk, answer questions, play some songs and lots more!


These songs will be released at 5pm – every day of 2015. This is when subscriber download packages will be live and also the time that the daily song will become freely streamable to the general public.


Alongside subscriptions, there’s an instant buy service available where it’s possible to purchase a single song on demand. The song will instantly be sent to you for the small cost of £1 per download.


The 2016 year will see the release of the Digital 365 Boxset. This will contain lots of unreleased music, demos, short films, photographs, & more. This will be free for subscribers of the 12 month subscription.


The project operates on a Freemium model. That means that all of the songs will be freely streamable to all, but there will be additional perks for those who wish to support the project with their pennies.


Every song that is released on a Saturday throughout the year will be a £free download for everyone. That means that absolutely everyone will have the chance to take availability of 52 free songs over the year!


What is 365 Sparks? It is an ambitious project of sincere passion, drive, determination and creativity. One which i have spent an entire year of my life completely dedicated to and truly excited by.



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  • high quality .mp3
  • handwritten lyric scan
  • typed lyrics PDF
  • single artwork
  • showcase artwork


October 1st 2013 started like any other day. I loaded my iPhone up with a new record to listen to and used Google Maps to try and plan a new walking route. In the middle of planning this, the rain came on and the skies started to darken so i decided to make today’s walk a lot shorter than it’d normally be and just walk toward the hospital area [ironic route, as you’ll soon see] around the trench / belt road. I have done this short walk a fair amount of times on days that were too gloomy to entertain a long walk in and around town and it’s a pretty standard walk with nothing much to marvel at. I did have a very slightly sore ear from the get-go, but i put that down to it being very cold and rainy.

So : i’m walking back up belt road toward trench road and i feel a sudden tightness in my throat very briefly and it disappears instantly – no worries. Then it happens a few more times within the next 5 minutes. My ear is also now a lot worse than it initially was. I decide to stop off at the shop on trench road and buy a powerade drink thinking i’m just dehydrated but i have a little difficulty even swallowing it. Now i’m a little worried and thinking that i’m clearly going to have a sore throat or at the very worst, another damn throat infection to add to my long collection.

I get home in a lot of pain and take a few strong painkillers [note: i’m not one for ever taking painkillers] and decide to give it an hour to kick in and solve the problem… but it doesn’t. I then decided to gargle some saltwater after looking online about things i could do to alleviate the pain, it’s a little tricky to do but i do it and still nothing. I’m now getting a little shortness of breath every once in a while that scares me more than anything else. I google some more and decide to try a hot whiskey followed by another round of painkillers – one of which actually get’s lodged in my throat permanently. At this point i have no idea what’s going on and start to freak out a little.

Next, i try antiseptic mouth wash followed by a few strepsils but absolutely nothing is working. My voice now cracks and distorts when i try to speak at all and i’m cold one minute and too warm the next. I reach my limit when i am in excruciating pain every time i swallow or breathe and can no longer string a short sentence together without taking 3/4 severe gasping intakes of air. I decide to call a doctor immediately.

Very-thankfully i get admitted to hospital immediately and i am seen by an out-of-hours GP followed by a Doctor – both assume Tonsillitis and offer to send me home with some pain relief as no beds are currently available. I decide to wait for a bed to become available as having had tonsillitis many times in my life – i KNOW this isn’t it – what a good move this would turn out to be.


I spent the next 5 days in hospital on a drip, initially unable to swallow and therefore unable to eat or drink myself. I felt absolutely awful and definitely clueless as to what was going on. I was pumped full of steroids and pills every few hours to help the situation and i’m thankful that i started to notice positive changes after just a few days thanks to the amazing staff that works there and the around-the-clock attention and care they gave me.

I would eventually find out that what i had was Supraglottitis. It’s basically when the epiglottis at the base of your throat swells into a ball and blocks your airwaves completely. When I asked the doctors questions about the severity of things, the main female doctor told me that the rate at which my illness progressed (usually it comes over the course of 3 or 4 days gradually, never over the course of a single day) suggests that I got in there in the nick of time and had I left it even a few hours more I surely would have been a goner. I had no idea this illness even existed let alone that it could manifest so horribly in the space of ONE day. Phew.

They told me this is a rare enough disease in adults and kids these days are given shots early in life so they never even get it. Let me tell you; I wouldn’t wish what I went through on my worst enemy. I don’t know a whole lot of things worse that trying to breathe in air for 10 seconds with nothing coming into your body. It’s such a helpless feeling and I truly thought (as I was in the waiting area) that I’d choke before they saw me; that’s how little air I was getting in at that time. It’s an incredibly hard thing to think that I really could be dead by now, not even having reached my 30’s, had I not have had the common sense to visit a doctor. As you might expect, this experience changed me and my outlook on a lot of things.

My passion in life is [and always has been] music. I have planned and heavily worked upon so many hundreds of creative projects that have yet to see the light of day. It was a scary thought to think that all this work would go unheard had i have died. I specifically adore the art of songwriting and it’s only my own perfectionist attitude that has stopped me putting out more music over the years [i realised my ‘home’ recordings simply were not good enough and decided to build up my own studio before releasing any more music] it was a very conscious decision to stop recording until now. After this drama i decided to never let an ‘incident’ get in the way of me getting out a lot more of my work that i’m incredibly proud of. I knew that i didn’t want to just release a new album, or a few new albums. I knew i wanted to released x amount of music every x. Initially i was planning a song a week, then an EP a week, then i remembered i had purchased 365sparks.comthe domain name – a mere few weeks before all this happened with a futuristic idea to do something consecutively every day for a year [a poem, a photograph, a quote of the day] … when i remembered about this purchase, everything just fell into place [perhaps those steroids made me feel invincible!].

It was on my hospital bed that i dreamt up the entire concept of ‘365 Sparks‘.



In order to give these mixes the best possible chance of sounding great, i decided from the get-go to mix and master these songs on the day they are due to be released. I have rough mixed all of them to an acceptable level, but i’ll be using my ‘fresh ears’ to fine-tune all the mixes on the day of their intended release.


All of these songs have been recorded in my studio – Heartfuse Audio. Although a lot of these songs are full-band, i’d describe my studio as being a comfortable songwriter studio at best – i have set it up in such a way intentionally. I will be launching my studio website in the coming months – heartfuse.com


I had many options when it came to delivering the final song to the public, but ultimately decided to still with a firm favourite in Soundcloud. Although some bespoke options actually looked and performed way better – the social and sharing aspects of Soundcloud made it the most appealing candidate for the role.


In terms of OS, i recorded the music using a decent Windows PC for around 6 months of the recording year. It was 64-bit Windows 7 and i was using Cubase 5 as my DAW until the kind folks at Steinberg hooked me up with a copy of Cubase 7.5, which instantly changed my workflow and pushed me in new directions.


Tired of sluggish speed [despite upgrading and reinstalling] on my Windows PC, i decided to upgrade to a 27″ iMac in the summer in order to better my recording situation and decrease the amount of daily headaches. It was an awesome decision and i don’t think i could ever go back to a Windows machine again!

100% DIY

There’s no ego in telling you that every aspect of 365 Sparks was done by myself – it’s just the facts. I’ve written the songs, performed every instrument, recorded myself, mixed the music, mastered the music, made this website, made the graphics, made the videos… i think you get the point. 100% DIY.


The songs won’t be released in any particular order. I personally will not even know what song is being released until the day of release. This is because there’s no logical order and i also want to share a little bit in the excitement surrounding the project. It means can i change things up on a whim, too.


After each month has ended, i’ll be swiftly compiling and releasing each song from the month as an album [titled after the month itself]. This is not only to offer the latecomers an instant way of catching up, but also as a great way to archive the project for when this project is but a distant memory to most!


2016 will see a ‘best of’ release from the project – a fitting way to end the project and archive the ‘gems’ for all time. The release will see a small physical run of 100 unique CD’s and will likely feature around 36 tracks [30 of the best from the project and 6 brand new songs]. Its going to be more than awesome!