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365 Sparks is 100 days old today!

Wow. It feels absolutely crazy to know i’ve reached the first real milestone of this project already. I know it’s cliched to say so; but it really doesn’t feel like the fourth month of the project, everything still feels so new and fresh. It’s only when i look at the playlist of the current songs that i truly appreciate the grandiose scale of this entire project. This is the equivalent of releasing 10 full-length albums and clocks in around 6.5 hours.

I want to start by stating how thankful i am to those of you that have been following the project, whether that’s a casual follow or a die-hard follow – the best thing about having a premium soundcloud account is that i get to see where you guys are from and how often you’re listening and it’s really cool to see some of the same faces each day i check my stats. It’s also cool to see some of you ‘binge-listen’ to like 20 songs in a row. All in all; it’s just really cool to know that my work is actually being heard. There’s no lonelier feeling that to think your art isn’t being heard – after all, the sole reason i’m releasing these songs are for them to be heard.

Here’s my [current] top 5 from the first 100 songs;
[click here to download all five]

1. Be My Radiator
2. Vital Sign
3. Coin-operated Hearts
4. Nervous [Ship] Wreck
5. +1

Let me know what songs would get into your top 5 – i’d love to hear from you guys.

As for the future, i’m totally dedicated to 365 Sparks until completion and then i’ll begin working on music for a debut album that’ll be released under a band name. It’ll be a rock record and i’ll be recording it with Neal Calderwood [Mascara Story producer]. I have been demoing new songs since the start of the year and have amassed some really strong ideas. I intend to work on it for around 6 months and record the best 10 songs – so it’s very different to this current project. It’s my goal to start a band from the ground floor and just get back out there playing music. I highly doubt any of the 365 Sparks songs will make it onto that album.

I have other creative projects in the works that excite me as they’re paths i’ve not ventured down yet, but as mentioned above.. i didn’t do all that work in 2014 to start throwing my attention in every direction now. My focus is on 365 Sparks solely until completion.

Finally, i just want to thank all of my sponsors – i’m genuinely thrilled to be involved with each and every company that had endorsed me and i can’t wait to take their products with me when i get this music from studio to stage. Thanks to each and every one of you, i love y’all!

Time to get back to work… we’ll speak again when we hit the 200 mark!

Daveit Ferris.

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